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Listed below are some of Jackie Bee's Champions and their accomplishments.  Click on the picture to see a larger version.

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Tee Jay Black Jill

Mare, born 1968

Dam: Wedel's Flit Leo

by King Rob

-First World Champion sired by Jackie Bee,
-Youth & Open AQHA Champion
-Superiors in Halter and Western Pleasure

-Points:  178 Halter &192 Performance


Te Jay O'Hara Miss

Mare, born 1973

Dam: Irvin's Peppy

by Snorky Mount

-1978 AQHA High-Point Halter Horse
-1976 World Champion 3-Year-Old Mare
-1978 Reserve World Champion Aged Mare
-Superior Halter Horse

Points: 541 Halter & 15 Performance


Jay Kay Billy Jack

Gelding, born 1971

Dam:  Miss Dorothy

by Doc's Star Barred

-1975 AQHA High-Point Junior Halter Horse and Halter Gelding
-1975 Youth AQHA World Champion Aged Gelding
-1976 Youth AQHA Reserve World Champion Aged Gelding
-Youth AQHA Champion
-Youth and Open Superior Halter Horse
-Youth Superior Showmanship Horse

Points: 515 Halter & 137 Performance

Tee Jay Janie

Mare, born 1971

Dam: Sally Ann Jane

by Leos Boy

-1977 AQHA High-Point Halter Horse
-1974 Youth AWHA Reserve World Champion 3-Year-Old Mare
-AQHA Champion Halter Horse
-Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  474 Halter & 38 Performance


Tee Jay Be Hancock


Dam: Badger Gal 50

by Gray Badger II

-1984 Youth World Champion
-1979 Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  128 Halter & 80 Performance



Tee Jay Badger Bee

Mare, 1972

Dam: Badger Gal 50

by Gray Badger II

-AQHA Champion
-Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  84 Halter & 41 Performance


Tee Jay Bee Bee


Dam: Badger Gal 50

by Gray Badger II

-Youth AQHA Champion
-Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  180 Halter & 28 Performance


Tee Jay Roman

Stallion, born 1974

Dam: Neros Leote

by Nero Wolfe

-1980 AQHA Champion

-Points:  30 Halter & 27 Performance


Tee J Jack Steel

Stallion, born 1978

Dam: Lady Leola Bars

by Steel Bars Jr

-1985 AQHA Champion
-Points:  17 Halter & 90 Performance


Tee Jay Bee Money


Dam: ?

by ?

-1979 PHBA World Champion Aged Mare

Tee Jay Della

Dam: Lady Poco Skeet

by Dell Mike

-Superior Halter Horse


Tee J Black Jack

Stallion, born 1968

Dam: Roney's Babe

by Easter Money

-Earned 31 Halter Points


Tee Jay Jackie Sue

Mare, born 1973

Dam: Tee Jay Sue Bar

by Bar Cliff

-1975 Youth World Champion 2-Year-Old Mare
-1976 Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  164 Halter

Tee Jay Hancock

Gelding, 1974

Dam: Badger Gal 50

by Gray Badger II

-AQHA Champion

-Superior Halter Horse

Tee Jay Shasta


Dam: ?

by ?

-AQHA Champion

-Points:  34 Halter & 48.5 Performance



Tee Jay Babe Sis


Dam: Roneys Babe

by Easter Money

-Superior Western Pleasure Horse

-Points:  2 Halter & 164 Performance

Tee Jay Rob


Dam: Light Foot Robin

by Skipper Robin

-1978 Superior Halter and Western Pleasure Horse

-Points:  50 Halter & 59 Performance

Tee Jay Poco Jack

Dam: ?

by ?

-1974 Superior Halter Horse

-Points:  91 Halter & 20 Performance

Tee Jay Showman

Dam: ?

by ?

-2x Youth AQHA Champion

-Points:  97 Halter & 111 Performance


Two Way Split

Dam: ?

by ?

-Superior Western Pleasure

-Points:  23 Halter & 195 Performance

Tee Jay Judy


Dam: ?

by ?

-1974 Superior Hunter Under Saddle

-Points:  77 Performance

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